English Rose
Channel Kate Middleton with Crabtree & Evelyn’s English Honey and Peach Blossom Lip Salve. Cute and sweet, this moisturizer for your mouth will keep you kissable.

Maybe you’re not so good with words and writing a poem from the heart does not come naturally. Maybe you don’t want to buy a Hallmark card either. Why not gift your love Lang Leav’s Love & Misadventure instead? Written with angst, torment and joy, the lines resonate with passion and provide “your own little fireworks show.”

Natural Beauties
For someone who does not like the “mask” of foundation, a tinted moisturizer is the perfect compromise. Kora Organics makes the best one yet, sheer with sunscreen and a hint of color.

Elisabeth Elo is another great writer to add to Massachusetts’ list of luminaries, which extends from Dennis Lehane to Ralph Waldo Emerson. North of Boston, her riveting and original story of a woman pushed to the limit, will keep you firmly glued to your seat.

Dry weather takes a toll on hands, but Earth Therapeutics’ Hand Remedy helps you fight back. This protective conditioning treatment contains alpha-hydroxy, shea butter and oatmeal to slough roughness, calm irritation and heal cracked skin.

Thrill Seekers
As a rule, the Brits know mystery and murder, and Louise Doughty is no exception. Apple Tree Yard follows Yvonne Carmichael, a careful woman with one erotic exception. Unfortunately for her, that exception proves difficult to shake.

Another great writer hailing from Scandinavia, S.J. Gazan knows how to keep the action coming. The Dinosaur Feather features an ordinary woman thrust into extraordinary circumstances to tremendous effect.

Cutie Pies
France Luxxe makes a huge selection of hair accessories to satisfy every whim. I love the heart barrettes for Valentine’s in pink and red – so cute!

Worrying has become a modern pastime, and Scott Stossel dives right in with My Age of Anxiety. The writer turns to personal experience, history and science in an attempt to understand this increasingly common condition.

Arrested Development
Bursting with Valentine’s cheer, Adelaide NYC makes hair clips and bands that practically look good enough to eat. The double scoop ice cream clip comes topped with a heart and will endear you to whomever you bestow it upon.

The Best Food Writing series has become something I look forward to every year, and 2013 proved as delicious as ever. Holly Hughes does a terrific job putting together the year’s scrumptious pieces, from far and wide.

Gluttons for Punishment
“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville will make you cringe through your laughs and cry through your guffaws in Drinking and Tweeting. This true tale of the very public dissolution of a Hollywood marriage is told with refreshing honesty.

Handy Men
Cracked skin in the winter can really rankle, and Sam’s Natural Knuckle Wax helps alleviate the problem enormously. The oils and butters infused in the balm coat the skin and sinks in slowly, providing a barrier against the elements.

Little Darlings
Noya’s delicious lip balms are all natural and even kosher! The cherry flavor is reminiscent of your favorite drugstore brand, only turned up a notch.

Doesn’t everyone dream of chucking everything for a Sylvan cabin? Lynn Darling takes the plunge in Out of the Woods.

Armchair Psychologist
The sometimes-thin line between right and wrong gets explored in Wiley Cash’s This Dark Road to Mercy. This compelling tale of a father’s stab at redemption offers sizable heart and a bushel of surprises.