Living in Los Angeles, the land of the fit and the beautiful, the pressure to stay toned for year-round tanning can seem insurmountable. Luckily, for busy students with little time for sleep, much less the drive to Soul Cycle through L.A. traffic, an easy solution can be found through USC's Lyon Center Workout Membership. For a mere $75, you can leisurely stroll to the Lyon Center for Barre Blast, TRX, SCyling (get it?), yoga and more. 

Not only is this solution easy for your schedule, it’s easy on your wallet. This one-time payment will carry you across a semester of unlimited classes. TRX, yoga and Nike Training Club all in one day? Ok, maybe it's overzealous, but you can do it all if you choose!

To give you a more concrete idea of the deal you’d be getting: 45 minutes at Soul Cycle costs $34 for five months; unlimited classes at the Lyon Center could be yours for $75.

The Lyon Center Workout Pass gives 'SC students the ability to enjoy workout classes that are fun, convenient and perfect for a college student’s budget. Still skeptical about investing? Listen to the wise words of Chandler Baker, fellow Trojan and Lyon Center fanatic:

“The workout classes add a huge level of variety to my time at the gym and motivates me to try things I never would have attempted on my own, like TRX. Besides, it's definitely the cheapest gym membership around, and the Lyon center has quality instructors who are both helpful and inspiring, leaving me smiling and determined at the end of each class.”

To view the workout schedule, click here.