Back in the day, Facebook seemed to be a social media site solely dedicated to college-aged people.

However, as time went on, less teenagers and college students were actually using the social media site and more "older" users started logging on. Now, here we are, wondering: where can college students convene on the Internet without seeing parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles pop up on their news feeds?!

This is where Blend comes in.

According to the New York Times, this nine-person start-up in San Jose, Calif. is a social network exclusively for undergraduate college students.

Every day, the app post themes related to college students, and students post photos on the site that somehow relate to the themes. For instance, if the theme is "Tailgate Saturday," users can post photos of students tailgating, beer pong, whatever.

Then, the photos will receive "snaps" (aka "likes"), and the "snaps" can be redeemed for gift cards to college-focused brands.

Sounds like a sweet deal.

For more information on Blend, click here.