With a somewhat dismal job landscape, some college students who majored in the liberal arts or social sciences might feel they made the wrong choice and should have studied science, math, technology, etc.

But in a recent Pew study, researchers found that college students actually regret not getting enough work experience, reports the Atlantic. When the study asked undergraduates what they would've done differently, here's what they found:

- 50% said gaining more work experience
- 38% said studying harder
- 30% said looking for work sooner
- 29% said choosing a different major

The study does suggest, though, majoring in social sciences, liberal arts or education is not necessarily the best option -- 1/3 of liberal arts or humanities majors regret majoring in this field.

Instead, majoring in science or engineering is more practical because of the number of jobs available. Only 24 percent of science and engineering majors regret majoring in their field.

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