The key to ending your college financial worries is in the palm of your hand -- possibly quite literally.

If you go to the App Store on your phone and download Scholly, you'll see there's a way you can get free money to help pay for tuition, textbooks and other college expenses.

Scholly is a pretty customizable app that lets you search for scholarships based on your personal characteristics, reports Forbes. You search using eight parameters: state, race, GPA, major, need or merit based, gender, grade level, and miscellaneous. You'll be able to view different scholarships you're eligible for, find out when their deadlines are and see a link to the website.

The app was created by Christopher Gray, a junior at Drexel University. Forbes states Gray was able to receive $1.3 million in scholarships before entering college, so we're pretty confident he knows what's he's doing with this nifty little app.

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