VIDEO: See the Trailer for New Inventive Film, <i>App</i>
App is a Dutch thriller with subtitles.
(Credit: Screenshot of App)

When you're at the movie theater, you know the drill: turn off all electronic devices. No talking on your cell phone, and definitely no texting.

However, there's a new film coming in May that wants you to keep your phone on.

App is a one of a kind, first of its kind, thriller. For the first time in cinema history, audiences will be able to download an app on their phone and play along with the film.

The film is by Bobby Boehrman and follows Anna and the app on her phone. The app is a Siri-like device called Iris. At first, she's helpful and very useful...but then weird things start happening as Iris shows her darker, evil side.

The trailer for the film was released Tuesday -- check it out above!

Although it is not required that you download the app to enjoy the film, by doing so you will be able to experience different layers within the film. To download the second screen experience, text "IRIS" to 97-000.

App releases in theaters and will be available on cable VOD and iTunes on May 9, 2014.

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