Walking around campus on a bright and sunny day in Southern California, you will be amazed by the sheer size of the student body. It’s difficult to walk, much less bike, down Trousdale and crossing the intersection of Hoover and Jefferson means taking your life in to your own hands.

On days like these, we may be apt to hurry to class without a glance at our fellow Trojans. What a slow walk and a keen eye will show you, however, is the magnificent diversity of the people on our campus and the variety of their, well, clothes.

But actually.

Whether students are in the midst of on-campus recruiting, on their way to the gym, or just too trendy for words, there are several styles that have emerged as definitive fashion trends on the USC campus.

Business Casual
These people are serious about the saying, “dress to impress.” May it be an on-campus job, early morning internship or group-presentation -- these students look professional.  To many laid-back SoCal locals, this may seem laughable: What is life without high-waisted denim shorts and a cute crop top? However, we won’t be laughing when Sean McCall, a Sophomore Business major, lands that position at the coveted marketing firm that we’ve all been vying for.

From his striped socks to his green and blue tie, McCall is the definition of business casual. With accompanying brown leather shoes and brown leather belt, he knows an ensemble is best put together with an effort to match. McCall’s air of confidence accents his nicely pressed white button-down. As a USC tour guide, he inspires young minds from across the country to join the Trojan Family with his professional ensembles and friendly demeanor.  Fight on, Sean.

The Gym Fashionista
At a school prized for its athletics, physical fitness is not merely imperative for athletes alone. The ‘SC student body, specifically the female student body, has taken this fitness initiative to a whole new level with daring combinations of colorful workout clothes that will make the most sloth-like student stand at attention.
Teddy Leatherman, a Senior Business major, is the definition of workout elite. With her Lulu Lemon leggings and tops, she reminds us all that a great workout outfit can actually inspire you to get to the gym. After all, who wouldn’t want to show off that Nikes and pink leggings combo at yoga?

LA Grunge 
SoCal isn’t all sunshine and beach days. Real Los Angeles ladies have the ability to combine the natural beauty of California with the edge of city life in Downtown L.A. Laura Frias, a Sophomore Cognitive Science major and Peru-native, has captured this look with her artsy and edgy style.
Frias’ ability to seamlessly to mix innocent, floral pants with chunky, black boots and collared shirts brings a kind of harmony between what may seem to be several different styles. Self-described as “LA Grunge,” she loves combining different styles to reflect her creative and adventurous spirit. As if her adorable smile and accent weren’t enough, Laura also often charms onlookers with an incredible pair of bright gold headphones- reflecting her love of music and all things shiny. 

San Fran Bohemians
Hannah Campbell, a Senior Cinematic Arts and Psychology double major, has a whimsical assortment of clothes that will rival any other clothing junkie around. Whether she is walking to class or sitting at the campus center, her outfits are always a sight to behold with her combinations of bright colors and fun jewelry, along with other classic, simple pieces. Mixing brightly colored orange pants with jeweled sandals, a simple white top and soft black jacket, Campbell is always as vibrant as her clothing choices. 

Though her orange pants are certainly the most eye-catching aspect of her outfit, it is the simple details such as the gold bangles and black jacket that bring the look together in an elegant way. Even her backpack seems to match her style, blending in perfectly with its mix of bright and dark colors. The simple braid in her hair is another touch that communicates Campbell’s sweet and carefree nature. Her style achieves both a fun and sophisticated feel.