Even though it was cancelled after only one season, "Freaks and Geeks" has become a cult classic for audiences who appreciate the show's ability to depict the unfair complications of high school existence, with a sense of humor. 

Over the course of the spring semester, USC is airing episodes of the show on-campus with a follow-up Q&A with the show’s actors, casting director, producers, writers and more.

The first event, which took place on Jan. 26, aired episodes two, three and four for students in the Eileen Norris Cinema Theater. Those who spoke at the Q&A included Steve Bannos ("Frank Kowchevski”), James Franco (“Danial Desario”), Samm Levine (“Neil Schweiber”), casting director Allison Jones and supervisor/writer Gabe Sachs.

The next event will occur this weekend with a screening of episodes five, six, seven, eight and nine on Sunday, Feb. 23. Director of photography Russ Alsobrook, Becky Baker ("Jean Weir”), producer Victor Hsu, costume desinger Debra McGuire, writer/producer J. Elvis Weinstein and editor Brent White will attend the following Q&A.  

There will be two more opportunities for students to catch these screenings and their respective Q&As on March 30 and April 6. For both events, the cast and crew that will be attending is TBD.

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