Looking to watch a movie tonight? Need to catch up on a film for class? Chances are, your first thought will be to turn to Netflix, HBO On-Demand or some other kind of online streaming portal.

After scanning the endless selection of mediocre movies you can watch for free in the comfort of your home, remember the DVD library in Leavey offers an amazing selection of free films for students to rent and enjoy.

With more than 7,000 films available, its selection can satiate almost any particular taste. The library is especially rich in independent films, foreign language films, classic Hollywood films and documentaries.

According to Senior Amber Pietrzyk, "Leavey Library is useful and convenient -- for both class and leisure... The only thing you have to watch out for are the late fines. One day late and they'll charge you $5!"

Michael De Sosua, a student worker at the DVD circulation desk, agreed, “I think that the DVD library is a great resource for students. The $5 late fee is a little excessive, though.”

Though it's important to heed Pietrzyk and De Sosua’s warning about late fees, chances are if you have a movie you want to see, Leavey Library can provide you with.

So, don’t submit yourself to the pain and anguish of perpetual pixilated graininess, which is often symptomatic of online movie streaming. Instead, take a leisurely stroll to campus and check out Leavey’s plethora of DVDs. Just remember to bring them back on time!