Cirque du Soleil's 'TOTEM'
Russian Bars.

Cirque Del Soleil’s “TOTEM” is quite frankly one of those things that is hard to explain and should be experienced first hand.

The massive tent that has taken over the Santa Monica Pier parking lot greets you like an old-time circus big top. It is an event for the entire family, starting from the entrance gate. Photo booths, popcorn stands, wandering performers and a bar (if you decide to go without your children) provide you with a fantastic variety of fun things to do before the show even starts.

As we walked around, I wondered if “TOTEM” was geared only for children and their families. But as soon as it started, I realized that while this may be a “family friendly” show, anyone will appreciate the brilliant performances put on by the fantastic individuals that make up the “TOTEM” talent.

Unbelievable feats of strength, beautiful acrobatics and some of the most athletic bodies I have ever seen made up a huge part of the show. I also cannot exclude a salute to the fabulous makeup and breathtaking costumes!

I had a hard time choosing just one favorite performance or performer during Thursday night’s show, but the high-jumping beams (the Russian Bars) had me thinking, “Oh! Please don’t fall!” numerous times. The jumpers were launched into the air and they leaped from one bar to the next. They were clearly a group of highly trained and skilled acrobats, and they made it an absolutely thrilling performance to watch.

In addition, there was a roller-skating couple that skated with a style that I can only describe as ice dancing times 10. These two were not only incredibly talented, but they were also very sensual in their performance -- definitely another highlight of the night.

If you need a creative date night idea, Cirque du Soleil’s “TOTEM” is a sure bet! Have some fun on the Santa Monica Pier before the show, and then enjoy the beautiful insanity that is inside the big top. The kids in the audience were transfixed on the spectacle, and if you’re a kid at heart, you will be too.

“TOTEM” is now playing at the Santa Monica Pier. For more information, click here.

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