From March 2 to March 6, the Women’s Student Assembly is putting on Take Back the Week, an extension of Take Back the Night.

Take Back the Week's goal is two-fold: to raise awareness regarding the pervasiveness of sexual violence in our communities and to create safe environment for survivors of sexual violence to share, heal and thrive.

As an annual international protest, Take Back the Night has a long history of fighting against sexual violence and empowering both genders to feel safe in their communities. USC’s Take Back the Week provides all students the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues regarding sexual violence in the USC community and beyond. 

Events lined up for the week include:

The Clothesline Project
By hanging T-shirts decorated with emotions or stories, students will be able to “air out the dirty laundry” of sexual violence.

Night of Artivism
A space for art, activism, and the sharing of stories and experiences will be created at Ground Zero. 

Know Your Rights Panel
Key players in the Title IX movement will inform students on how to empower others through law, media and activism. Speakers will include: Annie Clarke Peer Educator Relentless IX Organizer, Danielle Dirks, Professor of Sociology at Occidental College, and Caroline Heldman, Professor of Politics Media, Race and Gender at Occidental College.

Healing Together
This event will provide students a chance to engage in conversations regarding life experiencing sexual violence. A panel of speakers will follow, featuring Shana Redmond, Mary Andres, Michael Messner and more.

Survivor Speak OUT
This evening event will provide a space for students to share their stories and experiences.