One of the main reasons why The Fire Inside has turned out to be one of the season’s indie sleeper hits is that it has pretty much been in the public eye (make that “ear”) constantly for a while now.

This four-piece rock band out of Wyoming has toured incessantly since the album’s autumn release, playing nearly 300 shows last year and back on the road right now on the Power and Pain Tour that’s sponsored by upstart booze maker, Coldcock Whiskey.

The other reason the album continues to build momentum is, obviously, because people are digging the group’s take on modern metal music with lyrics that relate to the all too common Sturm und Drang of everyday life.

The emotions are obvious when singer Ryan Hayes screams his way through “John the Revelator,” but it’s not so clear as to exactly what’s going on through the roaring guitars and impassioned vocals of “This Pain.” That’s probably a good thing. Listen to the song, and you’ll be head banging and singing along. But also watch the video and find out the tune is about attempted suicide; a little bit of guilt creeps in for having so much fun with the song.

“Defiance” is deceptive in the same way; the sharpness of the music makes it seem as if the song advocates violence when a closer listen to the words reveals a message that is just the opposite.

So, all the way through the album fans can choose to just rock out or peel back the layers to hear what else the band is saying besides “have fun!” And the way it’s going, it looks like The Fire Inside will be burning well into the summer.

Grade: B+