Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) users are now being forced to "put out " their cigarettes when they are at a public place, including work sites, certain beaches and parks, thanks to a Los Angeles City Council-approved ban, reports the Los Angeles Times. 

The council voted 14-0 to outlaw "vaping," which is the "practice of inhaling the vapors produced by e-cigarettes," at these places.

Backers of the restrictions say e-cigarettes threaten to make smoking socially acceptable and the nicotine might make people turn to tobacco use. Meanwhile, opponents say e-cigarettes help conventional cigarette smokers quit and argue there is very little research done about secondhand smoke's harmful effects.

"Vaping," however, is still allowed at vaping lounges.

In January 2014, the University of California system's ban against conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco went into effect. These products are banned on all UC campuses as a precaution because it is unknown what types of dangers and risks they possess.

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