Ex-Spice Girl Mel B's Innovative App Uses Augmented Reality TV

Watching music videos on your cell phone is nothing new. However, what if you could make the performers in the music video dance and sing in your living room, on your dining room table or anywhere where you point your phone?

Well, with Mel B's  ARTV™ app, you can.

The former Spice Girl singer released her current single "For Once in My Life this week on the  ARTV™ platform. Using your iPad or iPhone, you can launch her new app and music video to see her and the dancers perform on virtually wherever you aim your phone.

For example, if you want Mel B to dance on your bed, point the phone at your bed, and then look at your screen: you'll see the diva getting her groove on right on top of your fluffy comforter!

Check out the demo above, and you can download the app here on iTunes.