To all of the soon-to-be UCLA, USC, CSULA, etc. graduates, if you're thinking about staying in Los Angeles to find a job, think again.

According to the personal finance site WalletHub, L.A. is the worst city in America to find a job, reports LA Weekly.

In conducting its "The Best Cities to Find a Job" report, WalletHub reportedly looked at the number of job openings, employment growth, unemployment, diversity of industry, the number of part-timers, the number of workers living in poverty, the cost of living and more.

Cities that ranked the highest include Fort Worth, Texas (#1), Washington DC (#2), Tampa, Fla. (#3), Arlington, Texas (#4) and Dallas, Texas (#5).

When it comes to finding a job in a different city, WalletHub gave a few tips, such as:

1. Use a Local Address to Line Up a Job Before Moving: Employers are more likely to consider local candidates during the hiring process. Try using a friend or family member's address if they live in the city where you want to work. And...

2. Consider All Costs Before Moving: Make sure the new gig is worth the financial costs and the personal ones -- moving away from your family and friends.

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