Call it a drinking game. Call it a shot at someone’s manhood. Or just call it a good old-fashioned time, but whatever it is, Neknominations are making quite the impact on today’s youth, especially college students.

The game is pretty simple at heart: you film yourself completing some hopefully epic drinking task, nominate some friends to do some idiotic stunt of their own, and then post it to social media. Although recently, many have been more cognizant of where and who they post to. 

So, basically you’re nominating a friend to get hammered on camera in a couple of minutes time. Sounds pretty entertaining and a little dangerous, right?

"Neknoms" come in all shapes and sizes. My personal favorite was watching a friend rip 10 shots of tequila to Tracy Byrd’s “10 Rounds with Jose Cuervo.” I’ve witnessed others shotgun a Four Loko, funnel beers and chug bottles of hard alcohol. I’ve even heard one person claim to have drunk his own urine, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

Believed to have originated in Western Australia, Neknominations have taken the globe and brain cells by storm. Sadly, "Neknoms" have even taken a few lives, making this new social media drinking game the center of alcohol abuse controversy.

In my opinion, I find Neknominations to be quite humorous, especially when done with a little class and not too recklessly. Obviously, there is no real way to stop this movement, but maybe some epically gross nomination will put it to an end.

I’m predicting the butt chug to be the end all.