Teens jacked up on hormones are going to hook up and make things happen. That’s what happens in real life and it takes place even more at the movies.

While teen lust is the subject of hundreds of forgettable films, the following movies have withstood the test of time to emerge as not just great romantic teen movies, but great romantic films unto themselves.

Oh, and it helps that they’re often filled with sex, nudity and laughs along with all that lust.


Who knew that James Cameron’s epic recounting of the sinking of the Titanic would turn into the ultimate tragic teen movie for girls? This movie has it all – heartthrob Leo DiCaprio teaches Kate Winslet how to spit, Billy Zane goes bonkers, tons of rich snobs dying, and there’s even sex in a car. And to satisfy the guys, Leo dies in the end.


Yes, intercourse with a fruit-filled confection is something that has crossed the minds of teenage boys. Really, when you’re that desperate, anything looks good.

This vulgar comedy has a sweet center that appeals to both boys and girls – like a co-ed restroom – you’ll each find something for you in there.


Fast Times is not just a great teen movie, it’s a milestone in the genre. There are so many classic moments, from Sean Penn’s performance as the stoner Spicoli, to Judge Reinhold’s solo performance, to Phoebe Cate’s slow motion rise from the pool in which she loses her top.

But none of these come even close to my personal favorite scene – Jennifer Jason Leigh teaching oral sex using a carrot.


John Cusack will forever be loved by women for playing Lloyd Dobbler – the sweetest boyfriend who ever lived. This teen classic shows what lengths men will go to for love.

Now, remember ladies, it’s only a movie. In real life, Lloyd would be arrested as a stalker.


Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder get all gothic in this beauty and the beast tale. Depp is sympathetic as the "monster" who creates sculptures that change the world and the normal people around him. It’s a fairy tale with a tragic ending that will leave your heart filled with warmth.


It’s more than just a typical teen romp, this is a male rite of passage. For any teen who has ever been a virgin, like all of them, this one is your movie.


Patrick Swayze falls for Jennifer Grey and the world finally learns that dancing is about a lot more than moving your feet. If you know what you’re doing on the dance floor, a lot more should be moving.

If anything, this film should be inspiration for men who sideline themselves when the dance floor opens up. Get this movie, get a dance instructor, get your girl and get it on. You can thank me later.


Wow! Woo! The best film about cheerleading ever! Yeah!

Kirsten Dunst’s chemistry with Jesse Bradford oozes with innocence, longing and stolen glimpses of underpants.


Molly Ringwald owned female teen angst in the 1980s, and here she shines as the girl pursuing the wrong guy. Or is she?

Okay, Molly may not be the hottest female on the planet, but her virginal good girl looks made her the unattainable girl everyone wanted both on and off screen.


Yes, Tom Cruise actually made teen movies. Rebecca De Mornay is a hooker with a heart that takes Tom’s innocence in more ways than one. In addition to a killer soundtrack, Risky Business has the hottest sex scene on a train ever put on film.


Molly Ringwald is a little more grown-up, but still as innocent in this.


Nicolas Cage is a bad boy who ends up with a Valley girl played by the cuddly cute Deborah Foreman. Cage and Foreman are opposites and you know how those attract. The inclusion of the ‘80s hit song "Million Miles Away" makes this a memorable


It’s a modern day twist on a Shakespeare classic. Leo DiCaprio woos Claire Danes and while the results are mixed, there’s no doubt that chicks dig the Leo.


It’s refreshing to hear Porky’s referred to as a classic, because upon release of this nudity-filled teen romp, it was dismissed as juvenile drivel. Nothing could be further from the truth as the film contains deeper layers than one would admit upon first viewing.

This film was the inspiration for movies like American Pie and the nudity is completely innocent. Really, it is.