2926 Main St., Santa Monica

(310) 450-0508

This Main Street bar is the ideal destination for the single, 20-something lush. There’s guaranteed to be a line on weekends, but after enduring the wait outside, ex-frat boys and party girls cram into the dark den where drinkers crowd the circular bar.

The more intimate booths and bar stools fill up quickly, but the best hottie spotting is done while against the red-lit walls. Those circulating the bar grounds will eventually find enough room to groove on the dance floor. Swanky singles come to get down and dirty on the dance floor.


311 Washington Blvd., Marina Del Rey

(310) 821-2252

Although some claim they go to Baja Cantina for the fish tacos, the real reason is that they like the scene. Just south of Hollywood, the Cantina is perhaps one of the biggest pick-up joints around.

The singles that flock here are blatant about their quest to find someone to exchange numbers with. Whether it’s scoping out the crowd inside the bar, or hanging out on the large patio this is undoubtedly one of the premier spots to get to know other singles, even if it’s just for the night.


3801 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach

(310) 545-6563

The scattered palm trees and other beach artifacts that cover the walls of this beach shack only further remind customers of its year-round summery atmosphere. A regular crowd happily dives into pitchers of margaritas and cold beers on a nightly basis. In fact, it’s rare to see this place empty on any night of the week.

Numerous TV monitors display nearly every sporting event, but in between games the screens are dedicated to surfs or music videos. Young bleach blond girls and guys dance the night away on the weekends. While the dance floor is small, you’ll be amazed at how many people can pack themselves on the dance floor at one time.


1301 Manhattan Ave., Hermosa Beach

(310) 798-8227

There’s no bull about it. The Union Cattle Company is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. Located in scenic Hermosa Beach, this steak house/bar is one of the busier beach bars, which lies just up the hill from the stretch of bars that line the pier and strand.

With two levels and several different rooms, you can choose to get your groove on, gaze at the stars, chill by the fireplace or get in touch with your inner cowboy by riding the mechanical bull. The crowd, while diverse, is very representative of the single population of the area.

The mechanical bull itself is the focal point of the bar, where males can circle around the ring and watch female rider in short skirts make suggestive moves on the bull. If nothing else, it makes for an easy pick-up line.


2030 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica

(310) 892-2382

Open 20 hours a day 365 days a year, the Gaslite is a no frills kind of bar that caters to an array of people from the city’s yuppies to a younger beach crowd. The dim lighting and large red vinyl booths make the Gaslite a perfect place to hide out in. That is, at least until you get up to the stage and do your best take on Madonna or AC/DC.

The bar is one of the liveliest karaoke venues around with more that 4,000 songs in its catalog. While at first glance it may not seem like the most likely of places to meet other singles, the Gaslite is in fact an eclectic crowd of locals and college students ready to mingle and win you over with a song devoted to you.


1097 Glendon Ave., Westwood

(310) 209-2739

The Westwood Brewing Company is a popular college hangout where, students like to unwind on the weekends after a rough week of studying. Typically during the week, this is a fairly mellow bar, but come the weekend it turns into a crowd of rowdy shot swigging frat boys and the sometimes-intellectual types.

Just steps away from a full bar, there’s a spiral staircase leading to another small patio that offers a view of stucco rooftops and high-rise buildings. Ashtrays fill with cigarette butts while patrons hang out under a dark sky filled with tiny, bright stars.


1000 Gayley Ave., Westwood

(310) 208-1942

Ever wish you had bar you could call your own? Well if you’re a UCLA student you already do. Since 1994 Maloney’s has been catering to the college crowd. Just next door to the college campus, this Cheers-esque bar has been the destination for the college students, recent grads and Westside professionals looking to let loose and get a little rowdy as only a college bar would allow.

The relaxed atmosphere of the place is decorated with wall to wall black and white celebrity head shots and the TV sets and are spread throughout the bar so sports fans can catch all the latest games, sitcoms and music videos. Plus, it’s a pretty good place to get to know some of your schoolmates that you wouldn’t normally come into contact with.


442 N Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles

(323) 651-4421

The Dime presents music on a nightly basis, varying between alternative live bands and guest DJs. While there are no velvet ropes outside the door, recently the bar has seen a growth in popularity among B-list celebrities and industry types. But for the most part it’s a young crowd looking to toss back a few stiff drinks while getting to know one another.