Remember that Princeton mother who offered that nontraditional, pretty controversial advice that ran in the university's newspaper last March? You know, that mom who said women should find a husband in college before they graduate? Well, she's back and offering more advice to college women.

"Princeton Mom" Susan Patton was recently on NBC's "Today Show." She sat down with Savannah Guthrie and talked about what she wrote in her new book, Marry Smart: Advice for Finding The One.

Here are some of the most controversial things she said:

1. College women will never be as beautiful or fertile, so they need to spend 75% of their time looking for a husband and 25% working on their careers. "If you invest the first 10 or 12 years after college doing nothing but planning your career, you're going to find yourself in your mid to late-30s...for young people who want to have children, you can't delay that. Work will wait -- your fertility won't."

2. High schoolers should get plastic surgery, lose weight and get other major bodywork done before entering college. "If you enter your college years not in your best form, not feeling as good as you can feel about yourself, you'll hamper your own chances for personal happiness [i.e. finding a husband] as well as professional success."

3. Patton writes in her book, "If you are too drunk to speak, then you may be incapable of saying no or warding off unwanted advances. And then it's all on you. Please spare me your 'blaming the victim outrage.'" "You can't allow yourself to be so drunk or so stoned that you can't get up and walk out if you feel like, 'Whoa -- this is going in a way that I'm not happy with. Or if you're feeling threatened. You have to get up and leave. It's all on women."

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