After being the mastermind responsible for the worldwide hit “Can’t Remember To Forget You” sung by Shakira and Rihanna, Erik Hassle is back with a whole new sound that is all his own.

Hassle recently released his new EP Somebody’s Party, and let me tell you -- it is wonderful.

The EP includes six new tracks that will have you singing along, dancing to the beat and even thinking deep. Somebody’s Party includes a track for every stage of getting over someone and out of a relationship.

Opening track "Pathetic" is one of those songs you crank up when you are feeling, well, kind of pathetic. “And it’s not fair cuz when you’re not there/I'm so emotionally needy baby/Ohh hoping no one can see me baby/You got me so pathetic,” sings Hassle. This is the first stage many experience when they fall for someone: they want to be with that person so bad that they go a little crazy.

"Talk About It" (feat. Vic Mensa) is the one track off this EP that really resonates with me. It is lovely, because the lyrics are stripped and raw. For all the souls who are in the "in between" stages of a relationship, listen to Hassle's words: “Baby, I don't want to think about it, no/Just let me know what you would call this thing between us.” Mensa's presence impacts this song immensely and makes it that much more beautiful.

The simple and complex "Ready For You" details that moment when you are ready to make it official, but the other person is just playing games: “That's the way it is/When I was with you/Ready for you.” Reading these lyrics may seem like nothing, but listening to the way Hassle sings and feels them is an emotional experience. This is the slowest of the tracks, but profound nonetheless.

The fourth track, "What Is He Like," is the retaliation track. You know, when the person you are trying to be with or have been with is with another person and you compare yourself to that person. “What is he like?/Have you spent a night there yet?/Tell me now, is he anything like me?” The course of this song is like an up and down roller coaster that will leave you wanting more.

"Innocence Lost" (feat. Tinashe) describes that stage in your relationship where you want to leave, but you stay because you care for that person too much. Tinashe’s verse stands out the most here: “Melting pavements/She looks at me, fevered dream/You can't save me/She's everything, my concrete queen.” Her and Hassle's vocals mix perfectly, making this song a sure hit.

The final track, "Somebody’s Party," represents the last stage in the relationship: the realization that you both don’t want the same thing, and someone’s feelings were stronger than the other's during the whole relationship. Hassle sings, “So if you have to ask you'll never know what you mean to me/It's so plain to see babe.” He goes on: “You rather be somebody's party.” This is the final goodbye to that person that you once loved dearly.

This album is definitely a whole new sound for Hassle. The track flow blends nicely, but truthfully each individual track could stand independently on its own. Hassle’s “Hurtful” days might well behind him, but that doesn’t mean that this new music isn’t any less lovely.

Grade: A+