Spring break: the week during spring semester that many students have been looking forward to since they bought their plane flights to Cabo last fall.

Even though you planned this trip far in advance, that doesn't mean the stress of school didn't catch you off guard these past few weeks. With midterms piling on, you forgot the essentials: tanning, healthy eating and, of course, clothes. 

Depending on your vacation location, there is one article of clothing that may be quintessential to the success of your spring break. It's more important than your crop tops, denim cutoff and beach cover-up. You guessed it; it's your bathing suit.

If you, like many others, began to pack and realized that your plethora of tops don’t quite match with any of your bottoms, take a look through some of these fantastic sites that will help you make a splash this spring:

Victoria's Secret: Even though it's known mostly for its fancy lingerie, "workout" gear and adorable panties, Victoria's Secret never disappoints when it comes to bathing suits. With (usually) good-quality suits, the lingerie store's online catalog features trendy styles such as bandeaus, high-waisted bottoms and "hipkinis." Plus, most of their suits are pretty affordable.

Diane’s: Not only does Diane's have adorable two- and one-piece bathing suits, but you can also find stylish wetsuits and rashguards -- you know, just in case you want to try surfing or kayaking this spring break!

Swell: This site has many inventive suits with unique, geometrical patterns. Slightly tribal but definintely minimal, these bathing suits scream "simple yet trendy!" The only downside: some of these pieces can slightly break your wallet. One of our favorite tops costs a whopping $72! However, these are suits you'll want to wear again and again, so the purchase is definitely worth it (*wink face).

Revolve: Again, this is a site where the bathing suits can get a little pricey; however, once you see their collection, you'll understand why! Their pieces range from bohemian and adorable to sexy and daring. Revolve also offers beautiful cover-ups perfect for the beach parties and day clubs.

6pm: If you're looking for a reasonably priced suit that comes in a variety of styles, colors and brands, 6pm is your best bet. With bottoms and tops as low as $7-$10, you can save your money for alcohol and other "extracurricular" activities. This site carries your favorite brands such as Billabong, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Ella Moss, Jessica Simpson, DKNY, Michael Kors and more!

Whether you are going to the beach, the pool or a hot tub in some snowy location, these bathing suits will get you through the toughest days of your spring break vacation!

*Sydney Champion contributed to this article.