Sleeping Angelenos awoke with a jolt Monday morning after a 4.4 earthquake hit close to Westwood. According to the Los Angeles Times, the quake struck at 6:25 a.m. PST at a depth of five miles.

So far, there are no reports of injuries or damage. Nevertheless, many were shocked, scared, highly amused and even excited that an earthquake of substantial size actually hit L.A.!

Read what some of them wrote on Twitter:

@breezybaldwin: I find it a little funny that everyone in LA just woke up at the same time. Good morning Los Angeles! #earthquake

@thephunion: Sorry Los Angeles, that was not a 4.7 #Earthquake. That was @mike_gordon sound checking bass bombs for the @elreytheatre gig tonight

@SNCSeggie: Aaand that was a magnitude 4.7 earthquake!!! Thanks to watching Saved By The Bell as a kid, I knew what to do. #LosAngeles #earthquake #wow

@ziggy_331: Thank you for that wake up call, Mother Nature. #earthquake #losangeles

@beersnbars: Happy St Patricks and #earthquake in #LosAngeles #drinkup

@MikeRoe: FINALLY felt an earthquake in Los Angeles for once. Does feeling it mean I’m no longer officially an Angeleno? #earthquake

@FouadHajji: Was that an earthquake ? #earthquake #losangeles

@buckwintrhop: Finally felt my first earthquake. So exciting. #earthquake #LosAngeles

@anniewood: #earthquake right? Am I right? Am I the first to tweet? What do I win? #LosAngeles

For up to date information on Monday's earthquake, click here.