When it comes to paying for college tuition, some undocumented prospective students find themselves struggling to come up with funds because they are ineligible for federal loans, Pell Grants and work-study. Congress didn't even pass the DREAM Act, which would grant permanent residency to some undocumented young people so they could apply for federal loans and work-study programs.

However, 28 undocumented students have been able to attend college thanks to the TheDream.US, a new program that will award up to $25,000 to 1,000 undocumented students, reports NBC News. Most of the students are attending community and city colleges where the $25,000 can pay for their entire four-year tuition.

Launched last month by former Washington Post CEO Donald E. Graham, the $25-million program offers "dreamers" the chance to afford an education at a small group of colleges located in New York, Texas, Florida and D.C.

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