The Associated Press (AP) reports food pantries are on the rise at U.S. colleges.

According to the AP, college students are facing a rise in tuition and other college-related costs, and some are essentially having to choose between their education and purchasing food. Thus, more colleges are realizing their students cannot afford food and have established food banks and pantries.

A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found that a higher percentage of college students are not eating enough because they can't afford it. This is called "food insecurity," and more college students are suffering from it.

However, these food banks and pantries have become temporary solutions. At Stony Brook University in New York, for example, a new food pantry opened last September, and more than 50 students lined up for food. It is open two nights a week and offers items such as pasta, fruit, vegetables, tuna, breakfast bars and more.

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