As temperatures continue to rise, L.A.-area college students are all heading to the beach, whether for spring break or just hanging out with friends.

Here is what I recommend you bring in your beach bag...


Sunscreen. This is a must bring guys! You do not want to look and feel like a lobster the days after your fun day at the beach. 

Beach Bag. Bringing a bag will make everything easier to carry. Try to grab one that closes with a zipper, buckle, etc. so that you don't have sand seeping in the inside.

Sunglasses. Your eyes are sensitive. Bring some sunglasses, so you won’t have to strain your eyes.

Water. Keeping hydrated is a must, anywhere you go. The beach is no exception. 

ChapStick or Lip Balm. Having sunburned lips is no fun; it is so painful try to avoid this.

Flip-Flops. Even though these give you tan lines, it is way better than getting fungus on your feet. Bring flip-flops.

Sun Hat. Bringing a sun hat prevents you from getting sunglass tan lines on your face, which is not cute.

Bathing Suit & Cover Up. You always say, “No, I’m not getting in the water this time,” but believe me, you will end up getting in the water.

Beach Towel. Whether you are laying on it or drying yourself with it, a beach towel is essential.


Reading Material. From a book to a magazine, reading something on the beach will give you a break from just lying on the sand.

Head Phones & Music Player. There is no better place than the beach to clear your mind and listen to your favorite music.

Beach Ball, Frisbee, etc. Bringing something to play with will give you a reason to start up a fun game amongst a friend, and who knows? Maybe some unknown cuties can join in on the fun too!

So there you have it, don’t ever get caught saying you forgot to bring something to the beach.