For the next couple of months, hot sauce will be the star of the show at the Chinese American Museum. Titled L.A. Heat, this art exhibit will explore Sriracha and Tapatio's impact on the city of Los Angeles.

These “life changing condiments” have become increasingly popular, greatly impacting American cuisine as they become integral ingredients in many foods. The exhibit will therefore feature artwork from a diverse sample of artists whose interest in food, community and identity are reflected in their work.

With the work of more 20-some artists being represented, the unique assortment of the pieces should be both entertaining and informational. Artists whose work has been curated for the exhibit include Edith Beaucage, Audrey Chan, The Chung!!, Clayton Brother, Eye One, Danial Gonzalez, Phung Huynh, Tomo Isoyama, Trinh Mai, Jose Ramirez and more.  

The exhibit will run through July 2, and the museum itself is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Check out this hot exhibit that exquisitely intertwines food and culture!

For those looking for more information about the exhibit, click here.