Physical therapy may not be something that often comes to the average USC student's mind. If injured while working out, a student may take a break for a few days and stretch things out his or herself. After all, physical therapy is only for the athletes who get seriously injured, right?


USC's Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy is not only a convenient physical therapy option for students, but it is also incredibly efficient, helpful and pristine. Students can easily book an appointment to take part in these on-campus services. The staff members are professional and knowledgeable, welcoming to any and all with different ailments.

If a reoccurring or new injury is bothering you, perhaps more time on the bike or elliptical isn’t really what you need. In order to strengthen specific muscles that will help get you back in your running or lifting shape, education is key. Those in the office will show you exercises meant to target weak muscles, preventing future injuries. 

Even a few trips to the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy will teach you important lessons that you can then bring the Lyon Center. So, take care of your body, and it will treat you well in return.