Besides getting a part-time job, paid internship, asking your parents or becoming a "Sugar Baby," there are some other slightly unusual ways you can make some money when you’re short on cash. These ideas definitely require an open mind – check them out:

1. Try Tutoring. Is your forte English? Math? Well, you can become a tutor for local elementary schools or high schools. Reach out to after-school programs or talk to parents to see if their child needs a tutor.

2. Save Your Plastic and Glass Containers. Make money, and help out the environment by collecting plastic bottles, jugs, beer and soda cans, jars, etc. Although each container might only be worth 5 cents, if you save for an entire year or semester, you could make close to $100 or more. It’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing. So, gather all of your recyclable objects and head down to the recycling center close to you by visiting

3. Participate in a Focus Group. Many companies (big and small) are constantly trying to figure out how to market their products to college students. So, they hold focus groups where they try out a product on a group of students. This may involve eating the product (if it’s food, of course), watching a video or commercial, filling out a survey and/or just having a discussion. Check with the marketing classes at your school to see if a professor, researcher or class is holding a paying focus group. Or check out,, etc.

4. Become a Figure Drawing Model. If you’re not shy about your body and you can hold still in one position for a long period of time, why not try posing as a figure drawing model? You can find gigs on Craigslist or check out for other opportunities. Unlike high fashion or commercial modeling, figure drawing really values women (and men) of different shapes and sizes!

5. Take in Another Roommate. You won’t have a hard time finding a roommate at college. There’s always someone who is looking for a place to room, and if your price is right, you could probably find one very easily. Even if you only have one bedroom, consider letting a student move in. You can share the bedroom or agree that someone can stay in the living room. Use Craigslist, EasyRoommate or the Roommates App.

6. Visit the Pawn Shop, Sell Stuff on Craigslist, Etc. Ok, definitely don’t sell your great-grandmother’s wedding ring or anything of high value. However, if you have jewelry or other valuable items you really hate or don’t need, consider getting some money back on them. For example: remember that adorable Tiffany’s necklace your asshole ex-boyfriend got you before you realized he was cheating on you with your best friend? Yeah, get rid of that and laugh all the way to the bank with the cash you scored from selling it!

7. Sign Up for Medical Tests. Many medical studies lack volunteers, so some large universities are willing to pay you to be a part of their study. Check with your college, and see if there are any medical tests you can sign up for.

8. Sell Your Blood or Hair. Plasma and hair all are cash worthy! Find a local clinic or organization that is willing to pay you, and you can even get up to $35 biweekly. is a website people use to buy and sell hair. People have been selling their hair at prices as high as $2,000!

9. Sell Your Eggs. If you are really in need of some cash and this idea doesn’t totally freak you out, sell your eggs. You can get major money -- we heard one gal got $8,000!. Just be wary this procedure involves surgery and can be pretty invasive.