Savvy Student Styles: L.A. Rain Fashion
(Credit: Kendall Robertson)

Rainy days: they are something that Southern California college students rarely experience. Sure, the drought hasn’t been helping, but even a regular spring season brings mostly sunshine and a little drizzle.
For those few days when rainy droplets so kindly bless the SoCal soil, the world seems to stop. Cars begrudgingly inch along the freeway, and students remain indoors, unsure of how to avoid puddles in flip-flops. Consequently, food trucks are at a loss due to the lack of foot traffic.

Still, there are those students who rise above the calamity of the cold and grey, and thrive during the wet season. These are students who don their coats, boots and scarves, eager to pull on their layers and embrace the day.  Several of these students can be found snuggling up in warm corners of coffee shops or taking a walk to campus.

A few students from the University of Southern California have been photographed here to inspire your next rainy day ensemble:

A Manhattan Beach native, senior Molly First is all about rocking her L.A. style to the fullest when tackling stormy weather. Her trendy black and white color combo, complete with a black leather jacket, black leggings and black leather boots, give this ray of sunshine a darker look.  Her fabulous smile, a white T-shirt and the delicate gold headband adorning her hair offset her otherwise grungy appearance down to the messy bun.

Spotted on her way to grab some coffee, Stephanie Mayorga is a grad student at the USC School of Dentistry. Stephanie’s style is a collection of stylish, classic pieces from San Francisco, her hometown and stomping ground.  From her polished navy peacoat adorned with gold buttons to her casual light-blue button-down and well-loved black boots, Mayorga’s clothes speak to her ability to find a look that is mature, comfortable and cute.

In Starbucks, fellow grad student Rui Cui was enjoying a latte before heading to his film production classes.
Originally from Beijing, Cui’s style is a blend of cool and colorful. Dressed in a black leather jacket, dark jeans and black boots, his otherwise dark appearance was offset by the red streaks in his hair and the vibrant red and pink image of a zebra detailed on his shirt. With the final touch of a multi-colored scarf, Cui proves that when dressing for rainy weather, one can be both practical and fashionable, radiating coolness effortlessly.

After facing Eastern Europe’s blistery winter months last year, senior Dylan Harris knows the importance of bundling up when the weather turns grey.  Layering his favorite grey sweater with a black wool jacket, Harris is the definition of that which is both fashionable and utilitarian. Important to note in this observation are Harris’ sturdy, leather boots. These boots, while certainly being useful for trekking through the snow and sleet, are also easily appreciated in less severe situations, such as dinner and drinks in Downtown L.A.

Casey McCloskey, a junior psychology major, makes the most of L.A.’s chilly days with outfits that are the perfect mixture of all that is cute, classy and fun. She wears her beloved black jeans and long, navy jacket when keeping warm. McCloskey then balances these dark colors with her magnificent strawberry blonde hair, a gorgeous collection of colorful scarves and her favorite her tall, brown boots. This classic, stylish look helps McCloskey triumph over any obstacles that the gloomy weather attempts to throw her way.

The last individual found using the rainy weather to his advantage was budding fashion designer, Huy Lu.
Lu is a senior graphic/editorial design major who was recently awarded an YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship. The contrast of Lu’s black leather jacket, light-colored jeans and black boots, immediately grabs your attention. Accomplishing his dynamic look with clothes that are both trendy and approachable, Lu utilizes every aspect of his outfit to speak to his passion. Down to the soft, supple leather of his brown, side-slung backpack, he proves that a little drizzle is no reason to give up on looking good.