Here are the two C’s you need to live by when packing clothes and accessories for Coachella: cute and comfortable.

For an outdoor music fest like this, bring items that are easy to dance in, comfortable to walk around in and lightweight enough to keep you cool in the sweltering heat (but also something warm for when it gets colder at night).

We’re suggesting items that fit those requirements and keep you looking trendy!

Nail Decals: Your nails are probably not going to escape the weekend unscathed. Try some fun, colorful decals to liven up any outfit. Jamberrry Nails Nail Wraps in Emerald Palm and Hypnotic, $15 each.

Loose Tank Tops: The Indio Valley sun gets hot, so you’re going to want something that breathes. This swinging, flow-y tank top is loose enough to keep you feeling cool. District Clothing Swing Tank, $16.

Tribal Earrings: Wear your hair up in a high pony (and help get it off your neck) while still looking cute. These tribal earrings add just the right level of fun and color. Color by Amber Chevron Earrings in Spun Spice, $24.95.

Statement Necklace
: This fun, statement necklace will add a level of interest, so you can pair it with a plain maxi dress and still feel like you’re getting into the spirit of things. Color by Amber Flirty Necklace in Luminous, $49.95.

Closed-Toe Boots: Closed-toed shoes are the way to go. Obviously, you want to dance like a barefoot hippie, and that’s great and all, until someone steps on your foot. You will be on your feet all day; plan your footwear choices accordingly. Oasis Wendy Western Boot, $120.

Kaftan: Coachella is probably the one time most people will consider wearing something so daring, so why not take full advantage? The nights on the Polo Fields are actually relatively chilly, so unless you want to huddle up next to a churro machine for warmth (been there; it’s no fun), bring an extra layer. This kaftan’s material is light enough to breathe in during the day. Warehouse Dial Print Maxi Kaftan, $71.

Backpack: You’re going to want a water bottle, and you’re going to want something to carry it in. Having a backpack means you have enough space to bring an extra layer in, but also have your hands free at the same time. Warehouse Metal Trim Rucksack, $68.

Trapeze Dress: Perfect with black or brown motorcycle boots and a floppy sun hat, this dress is really a no brainer. (Tip: a trapeze dress like this tends to fly up when you jump. I really hope you’ll be doing some dancing, so be sure to wear bicycle shorts underneath.) RVCA Magnitude Dress, $44.

High-Waisted Shorts: Every girl needs a good pair of high-waisted denim shorts. Pair these with a brightly colored crop top and some fun shades, and you’re ready for the desert. Topshop Petite Moto Brook Acid Wash Denim Hotpants, $56.

Crop Tops: If Coachella had a uniform, it would be the crop top. This blush, floral crop top can be worn with a high-waisted skirt, pair of shorts or pants. The same with the crop top with sleeves. Tobi Wonderful Floral Crop Bustier, $30; Warehouse Stencil Flower Boxy Top, $57.

Maxi Skirt: It wouldn’t be Coachella without maxis. One important thing to keep in mind when deciding to go for it is to make sure it won’t drag on the ground. Nobody wants to be the girl tripping on her too-long skirt while trying to make it to the next stage. RVCA Berenice Skirt, $39.

Sunglasses: You know that sun is going to be glaring, so retinal protection is a necessity. Besides, the more you cover up your face with glamorous sunglasses, the more easily you’ll be mistaken for a celeb. Casteyewear Feather Rose, $240.