Introducing the new iPhone game, "2048." This is just what we college students need: another way to waste time.

As if Netflix, Facebook and Buzzfeed weren’t enough, this new game will probably decrease productivity among college students across the country.

"2048" is simple enough. You start out with a 4-by-4 square board. Tiles appear with the number "2" on them. As you slide two tiles together they become one, and the numbers are added together. The goal is to get a tile with a "2048" value on it.

Somehow, this seemingly simple (and math-y) game is the new time waster. It’s a puzzle, but it's also somehow cathartic to move the tiles around the screen. I played for an hour straight the first day I got it (during dinner, too. And I hate when people use their phones at the table).

I am an addict.

It’s incredibly satisfying to just swipe the tiles around your screen, and this game is just engaging enough to get your mind off everything else. Plus, it's not exactly an "intellectual workout" or anything like that.

I want to recommend downloading it...but in the interest of productivity, stay away.