PHOTOS: 'Fly the Dream' Takes Flight Simulation to New Heights
Fly the Dream offers realistic flight simulations.
(Credit: Photos Courtesy of Henry Foster Rubenstein)

At one point or another, we have all heard the phrase “living the dream.” Thanks to Go Exist, Inc., Los Angeles residents can now experience "living the dream" with Fly the Dream, an euphoric flight simulation unlike anything else.

Since opening in October 2013, Fly the Dream has been bringing an authentic F-16 flight simulation experience to L.A.'s aeronautical lovers, as well as those with no flying experience or knowledge as well.

Located down Beverly Boulevard, the Fly the Dream facility features seven high-fidelity cockpit simulators, with each one having more than 100 functions found in an actual United States Air Force jet-fighter. The Air Force even helped engineer the block 52 controller for each simulator.

From the moment you walk in, the Fly the Dream experience is fully upon you. Air Force memorabilia hangs all over the walls, and staff members are decked out in flight suits.

After you go through a quick debriefing, participants are suited up in flight gear of their own and ready to begin their mission.

The actual flight simulation itself is truly an unforgettable time. As you slip into your cockpit, the control panel overwhelms the senses. Every knob, button, pedal and touch screen is designed to perfectly replicate the genuine F-16 cockpit. Fortunately on this flight, the ejector seat doesn’t send you flying miles into the sky.

No matter the occasion -- birthday parties, special events, corporate outings or just an afternoon to kill -- Fly the Dream is ready to accommodate all who want to join the fun.

With the ability to connect all seven simulations together for joint missions, Fly the Dream is perfect for large groups and those who want the true Top Gun experience.

For more information on Fly the Dream and bookings, click here.

Fly the Dream is located at 7270 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles, Calif.