You're casually strolling up to your ideal employer. You hand him or her your résumé and make a meaningful connection. You get a business card. Later, you get an interview.

This is not an imaginary scenario; it’s called a career fair.

With the end of the school year looming closer, landing the perfect internship or job has become the top priority for many college students.

In your search to find the perfect job, you should take advantage of all the different opportunities that your campus provides to meet potential employers, including a career fair. 

At the next career fair, come prepared with these following tips in mind:

Prepare Your Perfected Résumé
This résumé should highlight your previous work experience, skills and accomplishments. The format should be clean, polished and easily readable. Bring several copies.

Portfolio and Dress
It’s all about looking professional. Carry your résumé in a portfolio, and exchange your backpack for a briefcase or bag. Prepare an outfit that is business casual, maintaining a look this is polished and mature. These factors are important for appearing organized and put-together.

Be Knowledgeable & Do Your Research
Know something about every company you're looking to visit. Having background knowledge about their offerings is essential for creating a conversation that reflects how your interests coincide with those of the company.

Prepare Questions
Career fairs are meant to create dialogues. Prepare good questions that will help you decide whether this is a company you would actually be interested in working for. Your questions will also reflect your intelligence and show employers that you’ve done your research.

Your Elevator Pitch
Have the perfect answer to the question, “Tell me a little about yourself.” You should be able to deliver a succinct and thoughtful 30-second pitch that promotes your strengths and interests.