Untitled Document There are no "big names" involved in this project, but nevertheless a good roster has been assembled to pay tribute to Billy Corgan and company.

Armor for Sleep and Poison the Well handle a pair of the more angst-ridden cuts, "Soma" and "Today" respectively. Even at his most manic Corgan never sounded as scary as Joe Brown does singing A Static Lullaby’s version of "The Everlasting Gaze," but Vaux earn the most points for taking a Pumpkins’ song and making it their own on "1979."

Roses are Red ("Cherub Rock") and 32 Leaves ("Zero") do their covers faithful to the originals, a stark contrast to Murder by Death’s cinematic "We Only Come Out at Night." And to put the exclamation point on the whole deal, Eighteen Visions wrap-up the compilation with an extra noisy version of "Quiet." Hopesfall, Emanuel and A Thorn for Every Heart also contribute.

Grade: B