Here we are, near the end of spring semester. In just a few months (or even weeks for some), college students will be enjoying their summer vacations.

During the break, many want to just relax and unwind from their chaotic and over-stressed college lives. And one activity that everyone, not just students, love to indulge in during these sweltering months is...(drum roll, please)

SKYN’s sex survey presents some new, juicy and insightful statistics every college student should know before getting it on this summer.

Sex During College
Although there is a lot of sex going on during the college years, most sex happens after graduating.

- More than 25 percent of 25 to 34-year-olds report having sex once a week or more.
- 62 percent of 35 to 44-year-olds report having sex once a week or more.
- But just over half of college-aged people report having sex once a week or more.

Losing the "V" Card:
Most people report losing their virginity during their teenage years.

-68 percent report losing their virginity by age 19.
-25 percent claim to have lost their "V" card at age 15 or younger.

How Many Dates Does it Take?
One-night stands might be common in movies or TV shows, but people are expecting a little more "wine-and-dine" action before getting in bed. Sixty-four percent of people believe two to five dates is appropriate before having sex.

Location, Location
One of the most striking statistics deals with where people are having sex.

- 75 percent of people have said they've done it in the living room.
- 61 percent in the the car.
- 47 percent outside.
- 42 percent in the kitchen.
- And 21 percent in a public place.

Based on these results, the traditional bedroom location simply is not cutting it for today’s adult society.

Talking About Sex
Another surprising statistic has to with how comfortable adults are talking about their sex lives. A whopping 77 percent of adults say there are comfortable talking about their sex lives with people they know. Based on these stats, people are beginning to accept the fact that sex is no longer a dirty or scandalous topic; instead, it's a passionate, romantic, intense experience people should feel comfortable sharing.

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