Nonprofit Colleges Online, a site dedicated to delivering information about non profit online universities and colleges, recently released its "The World's 50 Wealthiest Universities" list.

The site ranked each school "according to financial endowment – which is the financial trust available to each college through cash or other assets such as property."

Most of the schools on the list were American and included California institutions: California Institute of Technology (#46), Pomona College (#43), University of Southern California (#24), University of California, Berkeley (#7) and Stanford University (#5).

Here are some statistics the site reported for each university:

#5 Stanford University:
-Stanford is recognized as the leading American fundraising college, raking in $1.035 billion in 2012.
- In 2011, the university received a $150 million donation and in 2013, it received a $151 million donation.
-Stanford's endowment is currently $18.7 billion.

#7 UC Berkeley:
-UC Berkeley was donated $113 million in 2007 by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and BP gave $500 million to fund the university's Energy Biosciences Institute.
-The UC System's 2011 budget was $22.7 billion.
-Its latest combined endowment value is $11.227 billion.

#24 USC:
-USC received a $35 million donation in 1997, a $110 million contribution in 1999, a $52 million donation in 2004 and a $50 million donation in 2011.
-Its endowment was valued at $3.868 billion.

#43 Pomona College:
-Pomona College's endowment swelled to just under $2 billion in 2013.
-It recently received a $1 million donation in 2013 and another $1 million in 2014.

#46 Caltech:
-The California Institute of Technology received a $600 million donation in 2001.
-A $25 million donation came from the Annenberg Foundation, and the school received an additional $20 million in 2009 by a U.S. businessman.
-In 2013, Caltech’s endowment reached $1.849 billion.

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