Do you remember Rebecca Martinson, the "deranged" sorority girl from the University of Maryland who sent out an angry email to her sorority sisters in April 2013, condemning them for being socially awkward?

Well, there's a new sorority girl whose "leaked" email puts Martinson's to shame.

According to Cosmopolitan, the sorority sister's name is anonymous (for now) and so is the school she hails from (again, for now). In the email, titled "Real Senior Sendoff Letter,"  the sorority sister spews out advice about sex, alcohol and drugs.

But first, she explains why she is writing this letter: "...I was told by our officers who think they rule the f*cking world to leave a senior will….so I’m going to be so blunt and truthful with you sloots you will learn everything you need to know about college right here in this letter…"

And then comes her extremely questionable advice [WARNING: Some of her "advice" includes graphic language].

Here are the highlights:

1. Have a lot of sex.
"Have sex with as many boys as you can...D*ck pics are God’s gift to women...The best thing you can do for your sex life is to learn to love sucking d*ck."

2. Know how to "swallow."
"If you are one of those “classy” ladies who don’t swallow. Go crawl into a hole with Ellen DeGeneres and learn to eat p*ssy, because that is what you are...Spitting is for quitters..."

3. Drink so much alcohol until you blackout & have sex.
"No one ever enjoys a sober sally...It is a really great feeling to wake up hopefully in your bed, and look to your side with a confused look asking yourself “did I have sex with him?”

4. Live by a double standard.
"You’re the sh*t and no one can tell you any different. You can yell at your slut roommate and tell her that her bedroom is a revolving door even though you hooked up with two different guys in two days, it could have been three but who is counting anymore? Excuses are your new best friend..." 

Read the full email here.