Untitled Document Here’s the first problem with Doom the movie: It’s based on a game franchise that, for the most part, lacks any kind of worthwhile storyline. And here’s the second problem: It takes the only story element worth noting – the origin of the fabled "Doom" monsters – and bricks it.

Visually, Doom gets things right: The creatures and guns from the game aren’t butchered in any way, and the hokey first-person sequence near the end is a clever little way to pay homage to the series’ original claim to fame. Unfortunately, that sequence is only a few minutes long. And it’s encased inside a film too afraid to take any creative license except at the worst possible time.

The only remarkable thing about Doom, in fact, may be its unthinkable ability to take a charismatic leading man like The Rock (as space marine Duke) and demote him to generic meathead status. Er, bravo?

Extras: Extended first-person sequence (with making-of feature), three behind-the-scenes features, "Doom 3" Xbox demo, game hints and info.

Grade: C