For the first time ever, the University of California has admitted more Hispanic and Latino students than white students this year.

However, the slowest UC campus to admit Latino students is UCLA, reports the university's student-run paper, the Daily Bruin.

Within the UC system, Latinos make up 28.8 percent of the admitted class, and whites make up 26.8 percent. However, only 20 percent of the students admitted to UCLA were Latino.

UCLA accepted about the same number of Latino students as last year, whereas UC Riverside and UC Irvine admitted more.

Experts and professors say this is because UCLA has some of the highest academic standards within the UC system, and it is one of the most selective campuses. Although more Latinos are challenging themselves and taking harder courses, it's still very difficult to get into the university.

Also, it is against the law for the UC system to accept students based on their race and ethnicity, which raises this controversial question: Should affirmative action be legal in college admissions?

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