1. Walk around campus aimlessly.

2. Have an epic night out with friends.

3. Introduce yourself to random people.

4. Mack on your crush.

5. Have a beer with a professor.

6. Get to know the people that make your food everyday.

7. Enjoy a friend with benefits.

8. Walk into a freshman class and pretend you’re just a really young teacher.

9. Sit in on a random class.

10. Sexile your roommate.

11. Pretend you’re a freshman again for free food.

12. Pull a non-academic all-nighter.

13. Have a massive Thanksgiving Feast with your closest friends.

14. Join a bunch of clubs, to later drop half of them.

15. Destroy your campus meal plan while you still have it.

16. Write an opinion piece for a campus paper and create public outcry.

17. Go streaking!!!!!

18. Spring Break in Mexico at least once!!!!!

19. Prank your rival college!!!!

20. Go seven for seven!!! (Drink every night of the week and hopefully sleep with a different person each night too…Barney Stinson would be proud).

21. Study abroad in some respect…even if it means visiting the part of town nobody goes to.

22. Get onto a campus roof…just don’t get caught having sex up there…or do!!!

23. Day drink often…then night drink.

24. Find out some random historical fact about your school, or make something up.

25. Walk into a random party and own the place…

26. Use every discount on student card once, and the bar specials twice.

27. Riot!!!!

28. Get laid in a school building.

29. Reconnect with the people from your freshman hall.

30. Take enough units so when the day comes, you can actually walk across that stage.