1. "I hope my roommate doesn’t suck."

2. "Why are these classes so hard? High school was so easy."

3. "So, who is going to be my new best friend?"

4. "Am I going to get laid?"

5. "Why do they have all these blue lights around campus? Is this place actually safe?"

6. "What happens when I miss my dog?"

7. "How often am I allowed to ask mom and dad for money?"

8. "What if people don’t like me?"

9. "Is the freshman 15 a real thing?"

10. "If I don’t get into the fraternity [or sorority] house I want, is college over before it starts?"

11. "How much is too much to drink?"

12. "So, pretty much I have to succumb to peer pressure?"

13. "Why is the cool thing to do never what I’m doing?"

14. "High school did not prepare me for this."

15. "Am I supposed to have my whole life figured out already?"