Untitled Document Honey: A sweet substance, such as nectar. Sweetness; pleasantness. Sugary or ingratiating words; flattery.

That all sounds pretty accurate when speaking of the Honey Brothers’ music. Actually, the Brothers’ lyrics are anything but sugary (or maybe they are to some!), but they do manage to attract all who are within earshot.

Vocalist/ukelele maestro Hoyt explains, "I think our appeal is to anyone who likes fun, adventuresome music. Though we’re very serious about music, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and people who like an irreverent attitude to rock music like us."

With fun songs and a heavy emphasis on musicianship, the Brothers have a sound that can be compared to none, but certainly draws from influences à la Ween … and that’s a great thing. The founding members – Hoyt, Carl and Dory – began their musical journey around 2001, playing wherever people would hear them from walking on crowded New York streets with their trademark ukuleles, to Lower East Side audiences at the Living Room.

As they began to pick up more fans from ever-faithful word-of-mouth, a fourth member, Fluffer, joined by way of being picked up on the side of the highway. That’s not true at all, I’m just checking to see if you’re still with me. An accomplished musician as well, Fluffer had the means of production in the form of a recording studio.

On Valentine’s Day 2003, The Brothers released their EP Honey 4 U, which includes crowd favorite, "Some of Them are Nice Days." Now able to mini-tour and with a strong New York fan base supporting them, the Brothers have created a major buzz. Some highlights just in the past three months include playing at the 2006 Sundance Festival and two shows in Los Angeles’ indie music havens Spaceland and Knitting Factory.

In addition to being in the band, the Brothers have many impressive individual projects going on. Fluffer, otherwise known as Adrian Grenier, is an actor who most recently stars in HBO’s "Entourage." Hoyt, or Ari Gold as he is known in other circles, is a filmmaker (www.arigoldfilms.com). Ari and his twin brother, Ethan, also have a band called the Gold Brothers (www.myspace.com/goldbrothers). For the past five months, Ethan has toured with the Honey Brothers and is the newest member. Ethan and Dory, or Andrew Vladeck, are both solo singer-songwriters (www.ethangold.com, www.andrew-vladeck.com).

The Brothers’ have recorded a full-length CD and the Winter Tour EP that you can buy at their next show, which I know you will attend. In addition, they have filmed three videos. You can view and listen to their music on their website. Considering I’ve never led you astray before, it would be in your best interest to check out The Honey Brothers and join the fan club. Thank the Honey Brothers and me later!

For more information, visit www.thehoneybrothers.com.