If you love to laugh at people falling, the song “Call Me Maybe” and cats, make sure you catch Walk of Shame.

Elizabeth Banks (you might recognize her as "Effie" from The Hunger Games) plays a local news journalist named Meghan, who is waiting for a job offer at a national news network. She advances into the next hiring phase, which consists of a surprise visit from the network while she is on the job.

However, a series of unfortunate events causes her big day to become unexpected, and it is up to Meghan to do all that she can to make it back in time for the local news.

Bank’s co-stars, James Marsden (Hairspray, Enchanted) Gillian Jacobs ("Community") and Sarah Wright (Made of Honor), all contribute to this romantic comedy. Jacobs and Wright play Meghan's two best friends (Rose and Denise) and bring a wonderful comedic dynamic throughout the entire movie. The two are the perfect combination of smart and dumb.

Walk of Shame, however, can become rather nonsensical at times, especially since Bank’s character never takes a moment to reflect on the little things, like changing her outfit (she is wearing 6-inch heels in a dirty outfit all around downtown Los Angeles!).

This film lags in one important area: there are certain elements of the script that are not realistic. Even though this may make the movie more comical, I became frustrated with Bank’s character because she did not use common sense when she needed to.

But, not everything in the movie is painful to watch. Leading man Marsden plays Gordon, who gets involved with Meghan in an interesting, funny and cute way. At the end of the film, you end up falling in love with Gordon because he brings out Meghan’s good qualities.

The ending, which I will not spoil, will leave audiences with a few questions: What will happen between Gordon and Meghan? Does Meghan end up happy? For this reason, it might be appropriate for Walk of Shame to get a sequel...

Grade: B+

Walk of Shame is currently playing in theaters.