As we sadly sit, take our finals and write papers, sometimes all we need is a light at the end of the tunnel to get us through until the end of the semester: summer.

We really don't need another reason to procrastinate, but it's time to find the perfect on-trend bathing suit!

However, finding the perfect swimsuit is no easy task. You’re almost inevitably going to be showing a bit more skin than you usually do, and you want to make sure you can be comfortable and have as much fun as possible on the beach.

When figuring out which trends are best for you, make sure to keep a few simple rules in mind:

If you have a bigger bottom half, you might think wearing shorts-style bottoms would be the most flattering for your body type. However, these bottoms actually end up cutting off your legs, drawing the eye right where you wanted to be covered up the most—your behind and thighs.

Instead, don’t be afraid to show a bit of thigh with a regular style bikini bottom, as this actually ends up being a much more flattering cut for your shape. In general, showing more of your leg tends to make them look longer and leaner.

2. WEAR RUFFLES IF YOU'RE LANKY WITH A SMALL BUST. If you are lankier and have a smaller bust, create the illusion of curves with some ruffles. Anything that has a little bit of volume will create the illusion of curves. Also, an underwire will help create cleavage. One-piece bathing suits with cutout sides, though potentially odd in the tan-line, department can create the hourglass figure you want as well.

3. WEAR UNDERWIRE OR HALTERS IF YOU'RE TOP-HEAVY. If you are top-heavy, go for anything with an underwire or a halter-top. These tops will give you enough support to hold the girls just where they need to be. Also, you will be comfortable to actually move around and run. After all, we don’t always just go to the beach to lie out.

4. MATCH IF YOU'RE PEAR SHAPED. If you are pear shaped, make sure to buy matching tops and bottoms, as this will allow the eye to maintain the balance your body naturally has. Bright colors and bold prints will certainly be your friend this summer. And, opt for neoprene or crocheted trends rather than the high-waisted bottoms.

Neoprene Swimsuits…
This material, generally used for wetsuits, has a rather athletic vibe to it that doesn't make you feel like you’re working at Seaworld. With colorful hues and sexy cuts, this material lends itself well to adding structure with bright piping that creates shape to a smaller bust.

Though the tightness of the material may seem somewhat daunting for curvier girls, it actually holds everything pretty much just where you want it to be.

The color and unique matte aspect of the suits also help many of them fall into the category of another summer trend: the color block.

Crocheted Swimsuits…
If you still feel like you’re going through Coachella withdrawal (I know, I know—it hurts!), you can bring that carefree festival vibe to the beach in a crocheted swimsuit. These swimsuits are perfect for a pool party or beach-side barbeque (not so much doing laps), as they look like an outfit when paired with a fun cover-up. Vintage suits are undoubtedly in, and a crocheted detail adds in a fun, ‘60s bohemian vibe.

High-Waisted and Bustier Swimsuits…
In keeping with the vintage vibes, high-waisted bottoms have a fun, ‘50s feel (you look something like a pin-up girl) and are generally quite flattering.

The bustier top acts as a bra, providing support for chestier women but adding some volume for girls who may desire such an effect.

The high-waisted bottoms are a bit trickier. Make sure to get ones with a lot of structure to them, which can serve as tummy-tamers (a la the ever-useful Spanx). These are made out of somewhat loose-fitting material and only have an elastic band right at the top. Keep in mind that they won’t actually suck everything in, and they will serve to draw attention to whatever kind of stomach you have. But, if you do have a bit of a tummy, ruching over the stomach area can help cover it up and increase your confidence at the beach.