Los Angeles-based instrumental, post-rock band Barrows takes listeners on an interstellar excursion on independently-issued sophomore release, Red Giant.

The five-track, 40-minute album, available on LP or digital download, is a dramatic depiction about the life and death of a giant star. Musically, think 1974-era King Crimson, early ‘70s Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream’s spacy soundscapes.

One standout is cinematic “Nebula,” which is fronted by swirling wah-wah guitar. Another memorable tune is the battering “Black Hole,” which fans of the Melvins or the Mars Volta will appreciate.

It’s no surprise that Melvins’ drummer Dale Crover co-produced this material. The record’s apex is the concluding, large-scale “Beyond,” which shifts from Floyd-inspired atmospherics to a dueling-guitar section heightened by cranium-damaging drums and bass.

If you watch the revamped “Cosmos” television show or the next time you see 2001: A Space Odyssey, turn down the volume, and use Red Giant as the soundtrack. This is music perfectly suited for some galactic imagery.

Grade: B