He’s so belligerent, he’ll cuss out his mother and threaten his wife. But then again, he’s so sweet, he’ll stand in front of a huge crowd and sing his daughter’s lullabies – sometimes while trying to hold back the tears swelling in his eyes.

Curtain Call: The Hits is an easy way to listen to the confessions of Eminem’s complicated mind. This album allows you to meet Slim Shady and his accomplice Dr. Dre in tracks like "Guilty Conscience," yet you can also stand on stage with Marshall Mathers as he starts to close the curtain on his Shady past in "Cleanin’ Out My Closet."

The Hits even includes "Like Toy Soldiers," where Eminem talks about inheriting 50 Cent’s beef with Murder Inc., and a live recording of "Stan," the bonus version featuring the skills of Elton John on the mic and piano. But Curtain Call wouldn’t be complete without three new tracks - especially "Fack," an erotic little fairytale that mixes sex with … umm … gerbils.

Before you start to judge, though, ask yourself one question: Have you ever "seen your mom poppin’ prescription pills in the kitchen?" If the answer is no, then you definitely want to sit back and prepare yourself for the Eminem Show.

Grade: B+