Once finals are over and you're back home, you're ready for summer to really begin! You have a lot of plans, so you know this summer will be the best one yet...until you realize it’s over and none of your plans actually happened. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

This is how a typical college student’s summer begins and ends.

1. Parental pampering. Your parents are at your call. They haven’t had their baby home in eight months, so of course they're going to feed you and do your laundry.

2. Reunited and it feels so good! Along with parental love, you get to see your old high school friends, and you have SO much to talk about. Hello, summer nights and parties!

3. You get to DRIVE. Freedom means nothing without being able to drive yourself wherever your little heart desires. Sure, you haven’t been driving for the past eight months—unless you were one of the lucky ones who brought their car with them to college—but muscle memory won’t fail you, for too long.

4. Relaxation 24/7. And the best part is no homework, which means you get to sit back and relax—and in your very own bathroom. Ahh yes, life is sweet.

5. Chores??? This is when reality sets in. Sure, parents want to smother you with love, but after a week or so of extra special attention, it will wear off. The chores you were free from while at college have to be done and now that you’re home, you can’t escape them.

6. Awk-ward. Catching up with old friends is nice, but it’s also super awkward. College changes people, and you may no longer have much in common with them.

7. Work, work, work. Having a car is awesome. But expect your parents to make you run errands with them because what else will you do all day, unless you got a job. And if you got a job or an internship, it will probably be nothing glamorous.

8. Bored as hell. You may have lots of time on your hands, but that just means more time to do nothing and be consumed by boredom. By which you will now be counting the days until school starts again. And thus, the cycle of college life begins again.