In Seattle, medical marijuana users will soon no longer have to leave their couches and their homes to stock up on their weed supply. Why? Well, there’s going to be an app for that.

University of Washington students Megh Vakharia and Josiah Tullis are currently in the process of launching a smartphone app called Canary that allows cannabis users to order marijuana for delivery to their homes.

According to Geek Wire, the app is set to launch at the end of July and will be the middleman for marijuana dispensaries and their customers. Vakharia and Tullis hope to partner up with Seattle-based dispensaries and deliver their cannabis to medical marijuana users. Although they plan on taking 10 to 25 percent off the prices of the weed they deliver, the creators believe that their app will boost business for the dispensaries.
Canary has a simple green design and a white silhouette of a canary with the words “Prohibition is over” underneath it. On the company’s website, the creators claim that their service is “the easiest way to buy cannabis.” And it seems like it is.

Users simply have to verify their eligibility to purchase marijuana, browse through a variety of strains found at different dispensaries, order, pay and then wait up to an hour for their delivery. And, there’s even a “Munchies” section on the app where customers can order snacks and drinks with their weed.
Although Canary will not initially deliver marijuana to recreational users for legal reasons, they plan to expand their business in the future for recreational deliveries. And they even hope to open a delivery service in Denver by the end of the year.