It looks like Wikipedia, the site academic instructors usually view as unreliable, has made its way into higher education's playing field.

The Los Angeles Times reports Ani Schug, a current Pomona College student, was in shock when her American politics professor assigned her to write entries for Wikipedia. After all, her high school teachers strictly advised students to avoid using the site as a source of accurate information. But in this college class, students' work was posted on the site for the public to view.

Although Wikipedia has been known to contain untrustworthy information and inaccurate facts, professors suggest that if knowledgeable students post the entries, the site may actually become more beneficial for visitors.

Kevin Gorman, a Berkley student who is the world’s first “Wikipedian in Residence,” told the Times, "[Wikipedia] is certainly an initial source of information for a huge number of people. For many people, it may be their primary source of information.”

Freshman Lane Miles said Wikipedia can essentially be a tool for learning new information and educating one another.

However, vice president of the National Council of Teachers of English, Doug Hesse, does not agree. “Wikipedia doesn’t allow students to make reasoned arguments and analysis in term papers,” he said.

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