Summer has officially started, which means we have two months of freedom to attend summer concerts, plan an epic road trip or get out of town for a couple of days. But wait—these things costs money, right?

If you're starting to realize that maybe you're too broke this summer and your parents are not going to pay for that road trip with your friends, perhaps you should start looking for a summer job.

Here are seven enjoyable summer jobs that will earn you some cash!

Camp Counselor: Basically, the description for this job is “get paid to act like a kid all summer.” Camp counselors have the chance to enjoy camp all over again while getting paid for being in charge. A whole summer of arts and crafts, amusement parks, nature, games and zoos is the definition of the best summer ever. Ask your local camps or the camp you went to as a child if they’re hiring.

Water Park Lifeguard: Working at a water park is a summer time dream for those who like to be around people and wear a bathing suit as an uniform. Check your local water park’s website for open positions.

Beach/Pool Lifeguard: Again, another opportunity to spend your entire summer in the water! If you were on your school’s swim team, or if you’re super confident in your swimming abilities, click here for lifeguard openings in Los Angeles.

Pier or Boardwalk Employee: Shockingly, there are multiple jobs available on a pier, including food and beverage attendants, admissions, game attendants, sales associates and rides attendants. To sum it up, these jobs require you to spend your summer on the beach while selling tickets or pressing a button to start a ride. Go online to your local pier’s website to check if they’re hiring.

Nanny/Babysitter: Since the little kids are out of school all summer, parents are looking for somewhere or someone to watch over their children while they’re at work. This is where you come in. Ask every parent you know if they need a couple of extra hands this summer.

Car Washer, Dog Walker, Drink Stands
, Yard Sales, etc: If you don’t want a part- or full-time summer job and you just want to earn some quick cash, setting up small fundraisers like these are a fun way to earn money.

Mover: This job applies mostly to strong guys and girls. If you think you have the muscles big enough to move boxes and furniture around, visit College Hunks or College Men Movers, two companies that tend to hire college students as movers.